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Terms & Conditions

By using the website and subscribing to receive these alerts you agree to the following terms and conditions on the service.

air Alert Service
The Sussex Air Quality Partnership established and manages the service with specialist support from partners in health information, research and technical support for the airAlert message service.

Your Privacy & Data Protection
King's College London and the airAlert partner local authorities, NHS agencies and research agencies will never exchange your personal information with third parties. For data protection purposes King's College London is the registered data controller number Z7915194. Your local authority or NHS agency may contact you to give you information on air pollution in your area and health advice. You may review your data at any time via the website or by contacting the Surrey airAlert Consortium via the details given on the Contact us page on the website. If you have agreed to be contacted for a follow-up survey, you may be contacted.

All personal information on King's College London systems is stored in encrypted format and any transfer of personal data will also be encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

Limitations of the forecasting system and liability for your health
Air pollution forecasts are inherently uncertain and their accuracy is not guaranteed. In addition, air pollution is not the only cause of health problems. King's College London and the airAlert partner local authorities and agencies accept no liability for your health nor for any action you take based on the forecasts or alerts or the consequences of your actions. The air pollution forecasts and health advice provided on the website is purely indicative.

Service provision
King's College London will endeavor to provide air pollution forecasts and alerts on the days and at the times chosen by users, but accepts no legal liability for failure to provide these forecasts and alerts nor the consequences of any actions you may take arising from such failure.

The forecasts text summaries and forecast maps are the intellectual property of King's College London and may not redistributed or published by any means without the prior written permission of King's College London.

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